I am Christopher Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of Geopipe. I have long loved maps, games, and solving large-scale data problems. Trying to put the real world into games was the catalyst to founding Geopipe, which builds AI to digitize the Earth. As CEO, I engineer Geopipe’s business activities and its innovative R&D. Our AI now allows us to rapidly parse the real world into rich metadata and immersive 3D environments, for gaming, simulation, and beyond.

I was previously an adjunct professor of Computer Science, a postdoctoral research fellow, and a graduate student at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. I studied in the Networking and Wide-Area Systems group under Prof. Jinyang Li, focusing on ultra-low-latency distributed storage and computing system. I defended my PhD thesis in August 2015: “Building Fast, CPU-Efficient Distributed Systems on Ultra-Low Latency, RDMA-Capable Networks”. Highlights of my graduate work included the Cell and Pilaf projects exploring RDMA-based distributed storage system and a distributed trigger-based asynchronous accumulating store called Oolong.

I earned my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in May 2010 and my BE in EE in May 2009 from the Cooper Union in New York City. My Master of Electrical Engineering thesis focused on the refinement and applications of realtime computer vision algorithms to wearable computing for augmented reality. I also pursued academic research on the parallelization of encryption and stochastic algorithms on FPGAs and GPGPU hardware. I was the administrator emeritus of Cooper Union’s EE μLab and ICELab, a graduate fellow emeritus f the S*ProCom² lab at the Cooper Union, and was a Continuing Educaon instructor for Cooper Union’s Immigrant Retraining Program.

My personal research has long spanned the implementation of high-functioning hardware and software applications for low-resource portable and embedded devices, from graphing calculators to wearable input devices to purpose-built embedded platforms. I founded and oversee a 46,000-member technology and DIY community called Cemetech, driven by a mission to make STEM and especially coding accessible to as many people (especially students) as possible. I’m the author of several books about programming and calculators.

I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker, and when I’m not building virtual worlds or communities, I’m probably speed-walking around the city or volunteering at the Shore Line Trolley Museum, where I work on restoring and operating antique trolleys and subways. In these pages you can find information about me, my publications, my past, present, and future projects, and view my résumé. If you have questions, you can contact me at any of the platforms listed in the sidebar.

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